ending the week with my first post

So there. I now have another blogsite. I promised my friend Reianne that I’ll create one.I really don’t know what would I write in my first post. If you find it a bit trashy, please bear with me. It’s been one helluva week and I’m still coping from the toxicity of it. So here it is tadaaa!

Ok. Toxic week. Hell week. Whatever. I’ve been so busy juggling work. Writing an article, contacting media people, updating the database, collecting media clips, etc. Busy to the extent that I can see my workload in my dreams. I couldn’t get it out of my head even in the shower while having my supposed “me time” soaping and scrubbing myself. What a loser. I need to treat myself. Spa? Drinks? Food? Or a combo of those.

So here comes Friday. My favorite day of the week. My friday came in full swing. First, I finished my article. Second, Lakers won! Pau Gasol’s the man! Enough to uplift my drooping mood. The day’s not yet over so I must think of something to do. When the clock strikes five, I’m off so..free time! What to do, what to do? Oh well, I’d better treat myself. But this time, no impulsive Havaianas shopping (crosses fingers). Just spend quality time with my Pangs. 🙂

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